Understanding Debtor Management

Put a Stop to Slow Paying Debtors

Debtor management is about providing:

  • Experienced and skilled staff to manage all aspects of your Debtors' Ledger.
  • Access to our secure client website providing information including debtor schedules, balances and notes pertaining to contact between Commercial Factors and your customers.
  • Peace of mind.

By outsourcing the accounts receivable function it allows businesses who factor their invoices to strengthen their cash position and reduce cost. In other words, there is no need to employ someone (and often it’s the business owner themselves) to follow up with slow payers – freeing up both time and money.

With Commercial Factors your interaction with your customers will remain much as before except you won't have to ask for payment when trying to negotiate further sales. We ensure there is a timely follow-up with the customer for payment and we promptly record remittances received from customers.

How does it work?

We will, on receipt of original invoices from you undertake the following activities:

  1. Processing of invoices into the Commercial Factors debtor management system.
  2. Release invoices to your customers.
  3. Generate and release month end statements.
  4. Receive payments from debtors and process accordingly.
  5. Initiate telephone follow-up on overdue accounts.
  6. Communicate all necessary information from the customer back to you (the client).
  7. Provide copy invoices, account reconciliations etc
  8. Remit due funds to you.